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Q: When comparing the cochlear implant with the conventional hearing aid, which one is better?
A: The Cochlear implant cannot be compared with the conventional hearing aid as there are strengths and weaknesses of each device with respect to the working mechanism, sound reception, hearing loss level suitable for that particular device and post-surgery training.
Q: Would it be convenient to change the parts of the cochlear implant if some component is out of order?
A: In recent years, the implanted component of a cochlear implant has been designed to have a similar life span as human's. Yet, any man-made devices can fail and break. International experience shows that the damage rate of the implant parts is very low. Even if the parts do not work, they can be changed, while the external components can be replaced at any time.
Q: My child is active. I am very worried about him breaking some of the components after he receives a cochlear implant. What should I do?
A: The user should avoid hitting or dampening the components of any electronic device. There is no exception in the case of the cochlear implant. In general, provided that the user adheres to some minor precautions, anyone wearing a cochlear implant, including children, can take part in outdoor activities freely. Parents should teach their kids not to hit the incision area directly, for instance, by wearing a helmet for contact sports and removing the external component before swimming. As there are great changes in pressure during diving, cochlear implant users should avoid this activity.

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