A randomized controlled trial on Intratympanic steroid treatment for sudden onset sensorineural
hearing loss


The Critical Elements for Cantonese Speech Recognition – Implications for the Design of Digital Hearing Aid Amplification Algorithms 


Comparative performance between two hearing aid prescriptions, and between an adaptive directional microphone system and a multi-band noise reduction system, in a digital hearing instrument
(文章於2005年3月29日至4月2日假美國華盛頓舉行的17th American Academy of Audiology Annual Convention發表)


Effect of stimulation rate on sentence, word and lexical-tone recognition performance of Cantonese-speaking cochlear implant recipients – implications on the adequacy of current speech coding strategies for tone languages
(文章於2004年9月26至30日假美國鳳凰城舉行的XXVIIth International Congress of Audiolgoy
發表 )


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